Empowering Financial Institutions Together: A New Era Begins

As a valued visitor from Btech, we’re excited to introduce you to the enhanced capabilities and expanded services resulting from the recent acquisition by Secur-Serv. Discover how our combined expertise is reshaping the managed services landscape for the financial institution industry. Explore our offerings, learn about our strategic vision, and join us on this transformation journey.


Customer Support

At this time no changes are needed for Btech customers.  You will continue to contact your Btech representative for all service and contractual matters.

Secur-Serv prioritizes your customer experience and recognizes the critical importance of IT and cybersecurity services to your credit union. Our team understands that timely assistance is essential, so we offer a range of customer support options. From our 24×7 Security Operations Center and escalated server support to our expertly staffed help desk, you can rely on our certified engineering team for prompt assistance. Our Client Relationship Managers can also provide strategic business planning tailored to your credit union’s specific and long-term needs.

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Discover how this strategic move is shaping the future of managed services in the financial institution sector.

FAQs about the Secur-Serv + Btech Acquisition

Who should I reach out to for account-related inquiries??
Btech. There have been no changes to how you handle service or billing questions. For assistance, please continue to contact your Btech account team and service desk.

Would Secur-Serv be willing to serve as our company’s IT department?
Certainly! Secur-Serv has extensive experience acting as the primary support team for many clients, handling all their IT needs.

Can I rely on Secur-Serv in emergencies? Do they offer 24/7 phone support?
Yes, absolutely! Secur-Serv is available 24/7/365 for Priority One support for critical incidents.

Will Secur-Serv assist with IS Risk Assessment as required (being available for calls and addressing queries)?
Secur-Serv will act as your IT department/advocate, interfacing as needed.  Please contact us for more information.

Can we anticipate receiving monthly or quarterly updates from Secur-Serv to incorporate into our Board reports, Technology committee updates, or Executive Summaries?
Yes, Secur-Serv provides monthly status reports on covered equipment and service delivery, delivered conveniently via automated email. Additionally, quarterly updates are provided through the Strategic Business Review (SBR) process.

Will Secur-Serv provide advice tailored to the best interests of our small credit union?
Secur-Serv has a long history of supporting credit unions and their security/IT needs, which are critical to their industry. They are committed to providing tailored advice specific to your credit union.

Can Secur-Serv assist me with IT Audits and NCUA Exams, encompassing internal vulnerability testing, external penetration review, and completing IT and NCUA questionnaires?
Absolutely, Secur-Serv offers comprehensive support for IT Audits and NCUA Exams. This service is conducted on a time and materials basis to ensure thoroughness and compliance

The service is great and everyone is very responsive and knowledgeable. We know we are going to get what we need with Secur-Serv. You always speak to someone who listens to your needs and wants to help you find the best solution.

Lindsay Hammond Vice President, Information Technology Southern Hills Community Bank

“Secur-Serv is a partner we like working with because they exceed expectations. They brought this solution to us and made us more secure. Secur-Serv’s proactive approach gives us peace of mind.”

Operations Officer A Midwest Bank

There was no way we could open a satellite office in Florida without Secur-Serv helping us to get it up and running.

Mandi Jones Chief Operating Officer Caring Medical Regenerative Medicine Clinics

Any time we buy a new computer or have an issue, for example, if we can’t connect to a printer, or a PC crashes, Secur-Serv is ready to help. We’ve had very good response times. They look at the whole environment, not just the wireless network or the PCs. It’s good to know we can make just one call to start diagnosing and resolving any issues. Secur-Serv takes ownership of any issue. The answer is never, “We don’t know, we can’t help you,” but it’s rather, “We’ll get it fixed.”

Dr. Sorina Rentea Doctor of Chiropractic Paulina Medical Clinic