Secur-Serv provides businesses of every size with a team of IT security professionals to monitor your company’s entire IT infrastructure, 24/7, to detect cybersecurity events in real-time and address them as quickly and effectively as possible.

Secur-Serv’s security operation center services will:

  • Assess IT architecture roadmaps, staffing, processes, and business priorities to determine the right approach to defending, identifying, and remediating threats.
  • Align your company requirements and compliance regulation to the needs of your business and the security services you require
  • Review and adjust your SOC model continually based on your business growth, technology stack, risks, and threat landscape

Choosing a suitable SOC model is an essential first step to securing your company data and IT infrastructure from attackers 24/7.

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Keeping Your Business Secure 24x7

24×7 SOC continually tackles critical network threats by providing threat monitoring, response and remediation from certified security experts.

24/7 Threat Monitoring and Response

Constant monitoring keeps you protected from threats, minimizes threat impact and reduces the amount of time the threat resides in your system, potentially reducing remediation resources and expenditures.

Cutting-edge Security Intelligence

Advanced threat-hunting capabilities cover your entire infrastructure: network, endpoint, email, and more, using the most advanced threat intelligence and analytics tools, freeing your staff to make informed decisions instead of spending long hours investigating.

Scalable Security

As your business changes so will your security requirements and it is expensive to build out a 24/7 security staff.  Outsourcing SOC services alleviate the budget strain and allow you to remain flexible in your security strategy.

Security Experts

Your SOC team will learn your business to become an extension of your security team to monitor, detect, investigate, respond, and remediate attacks on your environment to minimize coverage gaps.

Fight Cyber Attacks 24/7

Take Detection and Response to the Next Level

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Is a SOC solution right for your business?

How many security functions are you capable of doing in-house effectively? Every business should know the answer to this question and how time to maturity, budget, and available skills impact the response.

Secur-Serv’s SOC as a Service solution can help you overcome 

  • Security expertise and staff skills availability
  • Budget constraints 
  • Regulatory, compliance, or cyber insurance requirements 
  • Complex organizational security needs

What you can expect from a SOC