Solving complex data security challenges

Your threat landscape expands as your company’s data footprint expands across multiple environments, partners, and endpoints. Adopting a zero trust approach to security protects your data from cybercriminals seeking to put sensitive data at risk.

Data security provides greater visibility and insights to enforce real-time controls, manage compliance and investigate or remediate cyber threats.

Secur-Serv helped us reconfigure our network to meet our current and future needs. They now install and monitor our system updates and virus scans so we can focus our time and energy running our business. I highly recommend Secur-Serv.

Chris Hart Hart Industries, Middletown, OH

The support and commitment that Secur-Serv provides ensures confidence in our infrastructure.  Helping to reduce the risks of system errors and security threats. They are a partner with employees dedicated to the customers needs.

Mick Florida Seal & Rubber, Tampa, FL

“Secur-Serv worked with us to ensure we’ve got pertinent security information and event management (SIEM) at our fingertips. And we get the advantage of the intelligence they gain across their client base, which they proactively apply for us before we experience an incident.”

Craig W. Wiese Senior Vice President Cherokee State Bank

“Secur-Serv is a partner we like working with because they exceed expectations. They brought this solution to us and made us more secure. Secur-Serv’s proactive approach gives us peace of mind.”

Operations Officer A Midwest Bank

How we work

Our security experts know how to deliver mission-critical, core security solutions in the cloud and on-premise. After assessing your security goals, we’ll work with you to define the proper data protection solution for your business to secure your data.

Partnering with Technology and Security Leaders

Our customers can access the best products, competitive pricing, and leading-edge security by partnering with leading technology and security providers. You have a complete scope of technology and security products in one place.

Technology Partners of Secur-Serv



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