Identify the Biggest Threats to Your Data with a Security Assessment

Evaluate current security controls, tools, and infrastructure, identify gaps, and recommend solutions to help mitigate the risk of a cyber attack or sensitive data breaches with a security assessment from Secur-Serv.

A security assessment can also help a company understand the regulatory controls for their industry and assist with the ability to comply. Regular self-assessments will help your company stay ahead of updates and requirements to remain compliant. Secur-Serv’s security assessments are based on the following frameworks: NIST, PCI, FFEIC, NERC, CIS, and HIPPA.

A security assessment can also help a company mitigate security risks and safeguard against potential security breaches, leading to costly consequences such as financial loss, reputational damage, and legal liabilities.

Get Cyber-ready today.

Getting a security assessment today can help prevent a potential security breach tomorrow.

Security Assessment Process


Determine all critical assets of the technology infrastructure


Identifying the consequences of a threat exploiting a vulnerability


Analyze risks and determine potential impact


Determine and prioritize risks