Amplify Network Performance and Security with SASE

In today’s technology-driven, zero-trust landscape, ensuring a secure and efficient workforce, whether in-office or remote, is a top priority. However, traditional network and security structures often struggle to keep pace with the demands of modern cloud-based operations and hybrid work setups.  By combining networking and security functionalities in the cloud, Secure Access Service Edge offers streamlined connectivity, enhanced security, and improved performance for businesses of all sizes.

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What is SASE? How does it work?

At its core, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) is a cloud-native platform that integrates networking and security services into a unified solution. It provides users with secure access to applications and data, regardless of location or device. SASE is a solution tailored to provide seamless connectivity, consistent security, and enhanced user experience across your organization, regardless of geographical location. With networking services like Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) and SaaS Acceleration and security features such as Next-Gen Firewall (NGFW) and Secure Web Gateway (SWG), SASE offers reliable connectivity and protection whether working from the office or remotely, SASE provides a user-centric, secure access experience.

SASE Delivers Key Capabilities

SASE is a cloud-first solution designed to address the modern needs of businesses like yours. Transition from outdated legacy firewalls and fragmented VPNs to a unified, cloud-based solution tailored for your hybrid workforce.

Make Hybrid Work More Secure

Keep your network secure while empowering your hybrid workforce to remain connected and productive, whether they’re in the office, working remotely or on the go.

Improve Network Performance

Optimize routing, prioritize critical applications and leverage edge computing to minimize latency, reducing congestion and improving overall performance for users accessing applications and services.

Reduce Cost and Complexity

Cut costs and complexity by ditching multiple security products. Our unified security cloud, with zero trust connectivity, mitigates risks from outdated architectures.

The evolution of SASE and Zero Trust 

Your journey starts with Secur-Serv.

Choosing the right SASE provider

When it comes to SASE solutions tailored for small to medium-sized businesses, Secur-Serv is the top choice. Our experts will develop a comprehensive product strategy, addressing current requirements and anticipating and adapting to future needs, ensuring companies stay ahead of the curve. Our unparalleled understanding of the SD-WAN market enables us to deliver tailored solutions that precisely align with the evolving demands of modern businesses. With Secur-Serv, businesses can confidently navigate the complexities of SASE implementation, knowing they have a partner dedicated to their success every step of the way.

With Secur-Serv you receive:

  • Deep expertise with over 50 years of experience in networking, cybersecurity and cloud to provide a full suite of consulting, technical, support and management services
  • End-to-end integration services by consolidating ZTNA, CASB, FWaaS and SD-WAN into a single integration service with Managed network service capabilities
  • Security-first approach by adhering to industry standards and integrating security measures in everything we do to keep your systems and data safe

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Secure the future of your business with Secur-Serv's SASE Solution

By 2027, the majority of CIOs will prioritize secure work from anywhere (remote, branch or headquarters), elevating it from a secondary security concern to a primary business priority.

Maximize Your Business Potential with SASE

security operations team

At Secur-Serv, we’re dedicated to helping your business stay ahead of the curve by SASE to streamline processes, modernize systems, and transform operations for maximum efficiency and growth potential. Let us be your partner in transforming your business for the future.

Secur-Serv addresses challenging business tasks:

  • Upgrading or transitioning off legacy technology
  • Managing networking and security in silos
  • Effectively securing hybrid or remote workforces
  • Consolidate technology and cost efficiency

Protect Your Digital Infrastructure with Managed SASE

As Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) emerges as the future of networking, determining the ideal fit for your network infrastructure is crucial. While many organizations adopt a hybrid approach, hosting applications across various environments, other SASE providers mandate routing all application traffic through their cloud services.

However, flexibility tailored to specific company needs is paramount for many IT professionals. Secur-Serv understands this necessity, offering a spectrum of solutions, from on-premises deployments to SaaS offerings, ensuring adaptability and customization to meet diverse requirements.


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What challenges do you need to address?

SASE provides multi-layered next generation security, comprehensive network capabilities, on easy to scale cloud technology.

Secure SD-WAN

Optimized cloud access

Harness the power of the cloud to build a modern, high performance WAN while boosting reliability and reducing costs.

Next-Generation Security

Cloud delivered network security

Firewall-as-a-Service allows you to protect your users, data and applications without compromise with an easy to manage cloud service model.

Zero Trust

Access for remote users

Secure remote access for employees and partners from anywhere.  Never trust, always verify, privileged access.

FAQs about SASE

What are the five key components of SASE?
Software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN), cloud-based secure web gateway (SWG), cloud-access security broker (CASB), firewall-as-a-service (FWaaS), zero-trust network access (ZTNA)

What is Zero-Trust Network Access?
Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is a security model that doesn’t automatically trust anyone or anything trying to access resources. Instead, it requires rigorous verification of every user and device, whether inside or outside the network perimeter, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and potential breaches.

How can I prepare for SASE adoption?
When planning your SASE migration know your users and applications, identify security policies and regulatory compliance obligations (GDPR or CCPA), visibility to hardware or software license renewal and replacement dates.

What is the difference between SASE and VPN?
VPN: Think of it like a secure tunnel between your device and a specific network, like your office network. It’s good for accessing specific resources securely.

SASE: All-in-one solution in the cloud, giving you secure access, better performance, advanced security, and easier management. So, while VPN is more focused, SASE is more comprehensive and flexible for modern needs.

Is SASE cloud based?
Yes, SASE is a cloud-based solution that combines networking and security services into one platform. It uses a unified cloud-native architecture to deliver these services, making it easier to manage and more efficient for businesses.

What is the difference between SD-WAN and SASE?
SD-WAN optimizes network performance and manages traffic across wide-area networks (WANs). It efficiently connects branch offices, data centers, and cloud services but lacks advanced security features.

SASE is a comprehensive solution that combines networking and security functionalities in a cloud-based platform, providing optimized network performance and advanced security features like firewall protection and zero-trust access.

“Working with Secur-Serv server support team has been a game-changer for our business. Their quick response time, technical expertise, and friendly approach have made all the difference. Whether it’s troubleshooting an issue or implementing upgrades, they’ve consistently exceeded our expectations. Highly recommended!”

Accounting Firm IT Director 40 employees

“Our company’s server performance has never been stronger, thanks to Secur-Serv’s around-the-clock monitoring and support.”

Local Credit Union IT Network Administrator

“Before partnering with Secur-Serv, we struggled with frequent server issues that disrupted our operations. Since we started using their 24×7 server support service, our server stability has greatly improved. Off hours patching and updates have allowed us to focus on our core business activities without worrying about IT issues during peak business hours.”

Electrical Supply Company Business Owner 35 employees

“Switching to Secur-Serv for our 24×7 server support was one of the best decisions we made. Their proactive monitoring and rapid response times have drastically reduced our downtime. The expertise of their technicians has ensured our systems are always running efficiently and securely.”

Midwest Manufacturer Company 100 employees

Secur-Serv gives us the freedom and peace of mind to focus on our business rather than having to worry or troubleshoot time-consuming and frustrating IT problems.

Christine Dain N. Dain’s Sons Company

So many companies in technology today have taken the human relationship side out of taking care of their customers. Secur-Serv has never done that and has stuck with its core ethical values. Thus, from following those ideals, they have retained us as a customer. I recommend them.

Paul Howard Vice President Sparr Building and Farm Supply

Secur-Serv responds very quickly to any issues that may occur. The service has been spot on to what we were looking for in an IT partner.

Dick Young Shoemaker Lumber

We evaluated other local solutions. TrulinX suggested Secur-Serv and we have been extremely satisfied with their service. They are prompt in their response and their service, both remote and on-site, is fantastic. This is one area of our business we can hand off and know it will be taken care of.

Sherry Custom Hydraulics and Design, Charlotte, NC

Secur-Serv helped us reconfigure our network to meet our current and future needs. They now install and monitor our system updates and virus scans so we can focus our time and energy running our business. I highly recommend Secur-Serv.

Chris Hart Hart Industries, Middletown, OH

Our company was having difficulty keeping pace with our growing IT needs. We were spending too much time and energy working to resolve our network issues. Secur-Serv helped us reconfigure our network to meet our current and future needs. They now install and monitor our system updates and virus scans so we can focus our time and energy running our business. I highly recommend Secur-Serv.

Chris Hart Hart Industries, Middletown, OH

The support and commitment that Secur-Serv provides ensures confidence in our infrastructure.  Helping to reduce the risks of system errors and security threats. They are a partner with employees dedicated to the customers needs.

Mick Florida Seal & Rubber, Tampa, FL

We couldn’t be more satisfied with Secur-Serv. They are easy to work with, from call placement through call closing. We can call their 800 number to speak to a real person!

Michael Business Infrastructure Manager