Untrained Employees Can Introduce Serious Risk

You need more than security services to secure your organization. Your employees make critical security decisions daily, and you must ensure they are making the right ones. With the proper tools and cybersecurity training, you can arm your employees with the knowledge they need to identify malicious emails, follow cybersecurity best practices and protect company data.

Help your employees make smarter security decisions with:

  • Security awareness training
  • Cybersecurity consulting

Secur-Serv delivers timely and current awareness training to day’s cybersecurity threats to help you build a cyber-aware culture.


Talk to a Security Expert

85% of breaches involved a human element, like phishing or social engineering

Employee security training programs are critical in today’s digital world.

Secur-Serv's Security Awareness Training

Phishing Simulations

Phishing simulation tool and portal with access to thousands of templates.

Reporting and Analytics

Detailed reports on phishing emails – understand and measure factors that drive behavior.

Online Security Education and Learning Management System

Track the progress of your entire company from a single platform that is easy to manage.

Quantify Human Cyber Risk

See how the human layer security impacts your entire security structure.

Why Modern Businesses Need Security Awareness Training


From data privacy to internet security, password protection and the latest methods bad actors are using to steal company data, Secur-Serv’s covers it all through security awareness training.