Secur-Serv is a technology-driven company with a nationwide presence and cutting-edge locations that reflect our unwavering commitment to innovation. Our headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska, serves as the central hub for our advanced operations.

We operate a state-of-the-art hardware depot and our hands-on training facility for our highly skilled field service personnel. Leveraging the latest technology, we ensure maximum uptime for our client’s devices and networks by providing exceptional maintenance and servicing capabilities.

Our help desk monitors and manages thousands of networks and  devices across the country from the Omaha headquarters. Equipped with advanced tools and technologies, our help desk delivers unparalleled visibility and control over our clients’ systems, enabling us to identify and resolve issues before they cause disruption proactively.

The Salt Lake City, Utah, location serves as an extended hub for our operations, providing us with office space and warehouse facilities. Within our warehouse space, we have ample room for storing our inventory of parts and spare machines, which enables us to respond quickly to customer needs and minimize downtime. Additionally, we have dedicated space for depot work, specializing in rebuilding and refurbishing equipment and components.

Nationwide Network of Over 3,000 Skilled Field Service Technicians Keeps Your Business Up and Running