Last Updated: Tuesday April 25, 2023

Several cities in the Midwest are participating in a pro-technology digital business and employment solution called “OPTiN: Opportunities in Tech.” The Chambers of Commerce of Lincoln and Omaha are also investing in advertising to lure and retain talented professionals in technology roles.

The messages of the overall campaign are a strong pitch: more technology-driven firms are operating within this “super region;” the unemployment rate for technology professionals is very low; and these two metros are a great place to start up a company.

The sagacious, far-sighted campaign is also going into K12 schools to advise students of tech careers locally. Some of the companies directly supporting the campaign include Linkedin, Toast, Hudl, and Conagra.

We encourage all of our Omaha and Lincoln customers to support this effort. We’re fortunate to have a technology hub in two facilities in Omaha, where more than 300 Secur-Serv employees work. More tech professionals entering the workforce or moving to Omaha and Lincoln equals more opportunity for everyone across all industries and sectors.

More on the campaign.