About this session
The demand by customers to expand new account and loan offerings from in-branch to digital has been underway for some time, and it has accelerated during the whole COVID experience. How are we seeing these trends being played out, specifically in the community bank space here in the Midwest? How do banks meet their customers’ wants while maintaining and managing compliance risk in these new channels?

Randy, Kristopher, and Keri from Wolters Kluwer focus on:
• Observations on the current status of the “push to digital”
• Navigating compliance risk when offering products through multiple channels
• Ideas on possible paths that don’t “break the bank”


Presented by


Randy Watterman
Sr. Regional Account Executive
Wolters Kluwer


Kristopher Tovsen
Account Manager, Midwest Region
Wolters Kluwer

Keri McCollum
Product Director of Content
Wolters Kluwer