Last Updated: Wednesday April 5, 2023

Secur-Serv, a nationwide provider of managed IT and security services, is excited to announce a new partnership with the leading warehousing, fulfillment, and supply chain management association, IWLA.

The collaboration will leverage Secur-Serv’s expertise in managed services – device maintenance, cloud management, cybersecurity services – to IWLA’s member companies so they have access to reliable technology experts who provide on-site service.

More and more logistics companies are adopting cloud technology and advancing their warehouse devices because modernization allows them to improve resource utilization, reduce costs and enable employees to do more in less time. Advancing technology typically requires continual IT training, cyber security concerns, and proactive maintenance to keep all devices continually running, making them hard to manage using multiple vendors and traditional tactics.

As a result, companies are overpaying for hardware and services they aren’t using, encountering complex vendor management issues when there are service issues, or simply focusing on IT more than the demands of their business.

To overcome this challenge, IWLA company members have one trusted company to maximize their IT strategy, streamline monitoring and maintenance, enhance their cybersecurity services, and effectively manage their print, depot services, and on-site supply service. Secur-Serv is optimized to provide warehouses with the IT and hardware support they need to remain adaptable.

IWLA member companies represent warehousing, fulfillment, reverse logistics; transportation; freight-forwarding and brokerage services; inventory and supply chain management; and a broad range of manufacturing and value-added services in North America.

“Secur-Serv provides the breadth of technology services companies need to run a successful business,” said Jay Strother, Vice President, IWLA. “These services will help our member companies to streamline and select the solutions that match their unique needs and maintain effective warehouse management.”

“IWLA has a rich history of advancing the logistics industry to the modern warehousing powerhouse it is today. That level of commitment to its members is extraordinary,” said Pat Dixon, Vice President, Secur-Serv. “Warehouses use efficient and advanced technology to keep pace with the demanding marketplace. Secur-Serv understands technology uptime and security is vital to IWLA member companies, and we are committed to helping them scale and grow in the fast-moving technology climate.”

The Secur-Serv-IWLA collaboration is one of the multiple efforts IWLA is taking to assist its warehouse and partner members in running successful warehouse-based logistics services businesses.

About IWLA

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