A Simple Print from Anywhere Solution

No matter what size of business, or operating system, MPowerPrint + PaperCut MF is a vendor-neutral approach to technology and device support to deliver a print management solution that works.

Simply put, companies can reduce print costs across the organization and dramatically improve their secure printing approach with this Google cloud print alternative.

MPowerPrint + PaperCut: Print Environment Visibility and Security

Find-Me Printing Technology
Users print to a Find-Me queue, walk to any printer, authenticate and safely release their job.
  • Easy – print from any device, anytime
  • Smart – waste reduction and cost control 
  • Secure – protect print data before, during and after

Any brand, any platform, all environments

Custom configurations allows the PaperCut solution to seamlessly integrate with your business, no matter what platform or hardware you use.

  • Mobile and BYOD – print from Chromebooks, Android, macOS, iOS and Windows devices
  • Tap and Release Technology – print to one queue and pick up at any printer
  • Automated Print Queues – roaming users can automatically print from anywhere

Secure Printing Solution

PaperCut MF is a secure print solution for your business.

  • End-to-end encryption: security from the user’s device to the print server, the print server to the printer and the printer to the user’s hand
  • User authentication: users are required to authenticate at the MFD with a variety of login options
  • Watermarking and digital signatures: automatically add a username, timestamp, digital signature or other metadata to every printed page
  • Secure Print Release: all print jobs site in a holding stat until the user physically approves the release at the device
  • Print Archiving: auditing functions allow administrators to review and control the content of print activity in their environment


Secure printing is one component of a multi-layered security strategy.

Secure Document Handling for Your Industry

Comply with best practices and industry regulations for secure printing with MPowerPrint + PaperCut

Car Dealerships

Improve outdated documentation handling and protect sensitive customer financial information.


Ensure patient information remains private and meet regulatory requirements by managing all your print-related needs from a central location.

Banks and Credit Unions

Control who accesses confidential data and crucial information on printed documents while reducing overall printing costs.


Eliminate students and staff printing with no accountability, wasted print jobs, and backed up support requests.



Recover printing costs, improve document confidentiality, and stop the paperwork mix-up at the printer – keeping your client’s information confidential.

Why Choose Secur-Serv Managed Print Services?

Secur-Serv has over 3000 field service personnel delivering on-site maintenance and service to companies nationwide, providing personal service with a high level of customer satisfaction.

Secur-Serv developed MPowerPrint managed print services to deliver greater control, visibility, and security to businesses. MPowerPrint uses secure, state-of-the-art printer monitoring software that supports strategic fleet planning—each MPowerPrint engagement is customized to the organization’s unique print environment.

With a strong focus on securing your thermal printers and network, Secur-Serv works with you to develop and manage your printer security strategy. Secur-Serv security experts help you identify vulnerabilities, prevent unauthorized access and prevent attacks. Learn more >>