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Finding and keeping good security professionals is hard, and many growing businesses can’t justify hiring a full-time person. But you expose your company to risks such as ransomware or phishing attacks when these positions go unfilled. CyberShield, Secur-Serv’s cybersecurity package, allows you to assess your security posture, examine policies and procedures, and ensure your strategy and tools protect you.

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Secur-Serv CyberShield

Navigate the complex landscape of cybersecurity with confidence, expert guidance and strategic oversite essential for a proactive cyber defense.

Included in the package: CyberShield_Dashboard

  • Risk/Vulnerability assessments with infrastructure security score
  • Monthly security status reporting
  • Interactive security and compliance dashboard
  • Cybersecurity strategy roadmap
  • Microsoft 365 hardening, security posture review, license reconciliation, shadow IT threat alerts
  • Regular security awareness training, phishing exercise
  • Real-time dark web monitoring, alerting and reporting
  • Incident response support team available 24×7
  • Cyber insurance consulting for rate optimization

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Plan, develop, and implement an effective cyber security strategy


Secur-Serv’s cybersecurity team will meet with you to discuss your company’s objectives and security challenges.


Conduct a thorough assessment of your security program, policies, and processes to gain insights into your security controls’ technical capabilities and performance metrics.


Develop a strategic cybersecurity roadmap offering tailored recommendations to enhance your cybersecurity posture and address identified risks effectively and proactively.


Secur-Serv will collaborate with your team to execute projects strategically, targeting the effective resolution of identified risks.

Unwavering Cybersecurity: Trusted and Proven Excellence

Secur-Serv safeguards your data with advanced platforms, and stringent compliance measures.

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Why Secur-Serv CyberShield?

Enhancing your data protection program involves harnessing expert guidance to address process, procedure, and technology gaps effectively. Partnering with an experienced security expert who comprehends your business empowers you to execute and advance a robust security strategy, safeguarding your sensitive data for the long term.

Secur-Serv’s CyberShield offers vital cybersecurity services for small businesses. Collaborate with our cybersecurity team to craft a tailored cybersecurity roadmap, complete with scheduled reviews, access to a 24/7 incident response team, and more. Fortify your strategic security approach with CyberShield.

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Cyber Posture Reporting

Secur-Serv CyberShield delivers in-depth status and progress reports, showing your current security posture, improvement trends, compliance gaps and comparison with industry benchmarks, to reflect your current security posture, progress and remaining gaps.

This proactive approach enables timely threat mitigation, compliance adherence, and overall enhanced protection, crucial for safeguarding sensitive information and maintaining business continuity.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is my company a good fit for CyberShield? 
A small or medium-sized business (SMB) that lacks dedicated, in-house security personnel can benefit significantly from a CyberShield. This cybersecurity package is particularly suitable for companies seeking expert cybersecurity guidance and strategic oversight without needing a full-time, on-site security resource. CyberShile is cost-effective and adaptable, making it an ideal fit for SMBs aiming to strengthen their cybersecurity posture without the resource commitment of a permanent cybersecurity role.

Does CyberShield support top regulatory compliance frameworks? 
CyberShield supports multiple compliance security frameworks like NIST, HIPAA, CCPA, and PCI. It will provide actionable tasks and steps needed to achieve your compliance certification. These tasks can be assigned to your staff or Secur-Serv’s security staff.

What are the benefits to CyberShield?
The benefits of CyberShield include cost savings, access to a network of experienced security professionals, scalability of your security program, staying current on industry trends and security risks, and a roadmap to support projects.



I don’t have a cybersecurity resource on staff and I haven’t had any cybersecurity incidents, why should I worry now?
Without a cybersecurity plan your business could be vulnerable to online attacks, risking the loss of important data or even financial harm.  Investing in cybersecurity now is like putting up a strong defense system, safeguarding your business and its reputation in the digital world.

How do I get the maximum benefit from CyberShield?
In addition to regular meetings and projects, you can take a proactive role by accessing a cybersecurity dashboard showcasing your latest cybersecurity scores, tasks, and other initiatives outlined in your roadmap.