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Elevate your business’s defense strategy with Secur-Serv’s CyberVue package, a comprehensive one-time cybersecurity evaluation. Uncover vulnerabilities and assess cybersecurity risks in your systems, data, and Microsoft 365 environment – fortify your digital fortress for lasting protection.

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Secur-Serv CyberVue Package

Prevent now, protect forever.

Investing in the Secur-Serv CyberVue package ensures your business gains a comprehensive understanding of its vulnerabilities and cybersecurity risks.

This one-time expert evaluation goes beyond routine assessments, it provides unique insights tailored to fortify your digital infrastructure.

Included in the package: 

  • Posture Score: Measures if basic protection measures have been taken and basic attacks are blocked. 
  • Data Leak Score: Shows sensitive data exposure and access to unauthorized individuals. 
  • Ransomware Score: Risk of falling victim to malicious software threatening to publish or block access to data unless a ransom is paid.
  • Fraud Score: Inappropriate access to financial or sensitive business information.
  • Cybersecurity Readiness Level: Measures what must be secured to safeguard your company from attacks and identifies gaps 
  • Microsoft Secure Score: Scan exposes hidden infrastructure vulnerabilities within your Microsoft business services.
  • External Scan: Findings detect infrastructure vulnerabilities, including specific asset and vulnerability details. 


Simplicity in process. Priceless in protection.

Complete this one-time assessment in three simple steps.  Our security experts guide you through every step, making it simple and easy to understand.

Initial Consultation

Complete an initial discovery questionnaire to kick off the assessment process

Defense Analysis

Cybersecurity experts will conduct a thorough one-time CyberVue assessment and scan of your environment to uncover critical vulnerabilities in externally visible IPs and URLs

Cyber Insight Report

Receive a comprehensive report detailing identified vulnerabilities, security scores, service recommendations, and a prioritized list to guide your first fixes

Unwavering Cybersecurity: Trusted and Proven Excellence

Secur-Serv safeguards your data with advanced platforms, and stringent compliance measures.

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Why Secur-Serv CyberVue Cybersecurity Assessment?

Identify critical risks, uncover sensitive data exposed and accessible to unauthorized individuals, know how susceptible you are to ransomware attacks, and see if you are adequately prepared and vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

This one-time cybersecurity assessment provides a strategic plan with tasks prioritized from critical to low to ensure a systematic approach to addressing vulnerabilities and fortifying your business against potential threats. Don’t leave your defense to chance – act decisively with CyberVue.

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What companies are saying about Secur-Serv CyberVue

CyberVue Testimonial
CyberVue Testimonial
CyberVue Testimonial

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my company a good fit for CyberVue? 
Any company with an internal network, Microsoft business licenses, and a company URL would be a good fit for the Secur-Serv CyberVue package.

Are there any technical requirements for the CyberVue evaluation? 
While no technical expertise is required, having your most technical person available to answer questions during the evaluation process is helpful. Access to your Microsoft 365 tenant is necessary to include that portion of the evaluation.

What can I expect after my Secur-Serv CyberVue assessment?
You will receive a report with your security scores and a prioritized list of activities to complete. Following the evaluation, you can work with our security experts to help you improve your various security scores and develop the best strategy to tackle the critical items on your report.


Is there a sample report available for an inside look at the CyberVue process?
Yes, a sample report from the CyberVue process is available.  View the sample report now. 


I haven’t had any cybersecurity incidents, why should I worry now?
66% of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) still need to identify vulnerabilities accurately. Uncovering potential weaknesses before they can be exploited will help you avoid the high costs of reactive cybersecurity measures. Proactive defense is not an expense but an investment in your long-term resilience.

How long does the security evaluation process take?
The entire process can be completed in a few days, from preliminary data gathering to running the scan and reviewing the results.

What does a security score posture mean to my business?
Caring about your security posture score is like ensuring your shop’s doors and windows are locked. It helps prevent thieves (cyber threats) from breaking in, avoids legal troubles, keeps your customers’ trust, ensures your business stays open, saves you money in the long run, and makes your shop more attractive to everyone. It’s just good business sense.


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In a world where digital threats lurk around every corner, Secur-Serv is your round-the-clock guardian


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