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Secur-Serv has helped IMARK Group members solve their cybersecurity challenges, adopt and manage cloud technology and extend the life of business hardware to control costs. Secur-Serv partners with IMARK Group members to help them expand their IT capabilities without increasing their IT staff.

We start our journey with a technology assessment, so together, we choose the right solution for your business and your budget.

IMARK Group members gain peace of mind by partnering with Secur-Serv on the following services to help their business succeed:

  • Cloud services (assessment, migration, and management)
  • Security, backup, and disaster recovery services
  • IT help desk, network and endpoint monitoring, and security
  • Email management and security (Microsoft 365)
  • Hardware repair and print management (thermal printers, POS equipment, and multi-function devices)
  • Local technicians for on-site hardware service and IT support

Simplify your technology management. IMARK Group members get a free cloud readiness assessment, request yours now.

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Cyberthreats lurk everywhere, waiting to access your networks, applications, and data. Relying on legacy security services no longer keeps attacks from happening.  This watch this video to see how Secur-Serv helps IMARK members run a successful business and even recover from cyber attacks.

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The Secur-Serv Difference

See why Secur-Serv is the preferred technology Member Service Provider for IMARK Group.

“We plan to keep asking Secur-Serv for additional services until we find something they can’t do. We haven’t found it yet.”

Kevin Davis Director of IT IMARK Group

I think the most important piece is that when we call and say we’ve got a problem, it’s usually fixed within a day or the next day. They have a complete and total knowledge of what’s going on here. The amount of knowledge in that call center is pretty extreme.

Michael Mertz Administrator and Operations Manager Nu-Lite

“Secur-Serv brings such a breadth and depth of knowledge that it’s like having a whole team available—there’s no way we could have hired someone for what we’re paying. And their passion for what they do is inspiring. I know I’m getting expert-level support.”

Kevin Davis Director of IT IMARK Group

One Provider for All Network, Cloud, and Device Support

IMARK Group members have special pricing for affianceSUITE®, the subscription IT service that allows you to make a single phone call to handle any IT performance and availability problem. Our IT experts proactively monitor your systems to minimize downtime and support everything you have. All for a fixed monthly cost.

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