By working with Secur-Serv, IMARK Group has streamlined operations, improved internal helpdesk processes, and ensured their systems are up-to-date and monitored. Secur-Serv enabled IMARK Group to shift focus from day-to-day IT tasks to mission-critical, proprietary systems that differentiate them in the market and are used by their customers.

The Challenge

IMARK Group is a multi-vertical member-owned and member-governed group of independent distributors in support of the electrical utility, HVAC, plumbing, and luxury products industries. The group offers business services and partnerships to its members. Secur-Serv is the only recommended managed technology services provider for IMARK.

As IMARK started expanding the industry groups it supports, they uncovered a need to also expand their IT group and the services it provides. However, they wanted to do so without necessarily expanding their team or salary budget. “We needed to grow our IT service capabilities without growing our staff,” says Kevin Davis, Director of IT for IMARK.

IMARK needed broader support for the IT tasks that can fall through the cracks for a small IT team: anti-virus updates and enhancements, software updates and patches, server maintenance, etc.

Because Secur-Serv is a recommended member service provider, it was a natural first step to start exploring IMARK’s options with a familiar face. “The timing came together and we made a leap of faith that a third party could provide the same level of support that we were providing as we expanded,” states Davis. “The leap has paid off for us.”

The Solution

Secur-Serv provides an expanded skill set and expertise to complement Davis’ core team. From day-to-day tasks such as server monitoring to efforts such as a Microsoft® Office 365® deployment, IMARK relies on Secur-Serv for managed technology services.

“Secur-Serv brings such a breadth and depth of knowledge that it’s like having a whole team available—there’s no way we could have hired someone for what we’re paying,” Davis says. “And their passion for what they do is inspiring. I know I’m getting expert-level support.”

“Our employees go to Secur-Serv first for help now. That frees me up to focus on company-specific strategies and projects that are market differentiators.”

Kevin Davis, Director of IT, IMARK Group

Some of the specific services that Secur-Serv provides IMARK include:

  • System patching.

Secur-Serv manages IMARK’s routine, scheduled system patching. “Previously, we were applying patches, but not in a regular and systematic way,” notes Davis. “With Secur-Serv, we’re now sure all necessary patches are being applied in a timely fashion.”

  • Antivirus updates.

In today’s cyber-environment, we all know it’s important to keep up with the latest antivirus patches. Doing so can be time-consuming, and it’s often one of the tasks in any company that gets deferred. Secur-Serv ensures the antivirus solutions IMARK uses are always up-to-date.

  • Server monitoring.

Keeping an eye on server uptime is also a task that can get sidetracked by other urgent issues. “We get notified that a problem is resolved before we even know the server went down,” Davis states. “Our employees are now going directly to Secur-Serv first for help, which is enormous because it takes that responsibility off my shoulders.”

  • Office 365 management.

Secur-Serv manages and monitors IMARK’s Office 365 environment, as well. “We had some issues early on in our O365 deployment, where we could not get some workstations to register,” relates Davis.

“Secur-Serv was able to identify and correct the settings causing the problem. They went the extra mile and examined the whole system, finding some other issues we wouldn’t have known about until the configuration caused difficulty—probably at the worst possible time.”

“We plan to keep asking Secur-Serv for additional services until we find something they can’t do. We haven’t found it yet.”

Kevin Davis, Director of IT, IMARK Group

Secur-Serv is pleased and proud to be able to assist this value-adding consortium directly and to be a preferred partner for their client members.