Presenters of this session are Arturo Romero, Sr. Security Engineer at Secur-Serv, Dave Nelson, CEO of Pratum, Kaushal Kothari, President of Secure Guard Consulting, and David Edwards, VP of Business Development/Regional Director at SBS Cybersecurity, Pat Heller, VP of Sales at Secur-Serv, and Adam Ward, Business Development Manager at Secur-Serv.

Featured Speakers:

Arturo Romero, Sr. Security Engineer, Secur-Serv
Kaushal Kothari, President, Secure Guard Consulting
Dave Nelson, CEO, Pratum
David Edwards, VP of Business Development / Regional Director, SBS
Adam Ward, Business Development Manager, Secur-Serv
Pat Heller, Vice President of Sales, Secur-Serv