Have you thought about getting off the IT lifecycle merry-go-round? You may have observed the trend of companies adopting as-a-service models for IT hardware. Hardware vendors increasingly offer many platforms and types of device subscription services, but you may not want to be saddled to one vendor’s products. You have questions: What’s the true benefit of DaaS, in practice? What are the potential limitations of a subscription model? And perhaps, most importantly, how can you tell if using DaaS makes sense for your company?

Key takeaways

  • Facts and statistics on what’s driving companies to DaaS
  • Problems and inefficiencies that subscribing to hardware can mitigate or solve – fact vs. fiction
  • See whether you’re ready to adopt a DaaS model
  • Use case scenarios where DaaS makes sense

We also illustrated how Scantron’s unique business and operational model conveys DaaS advantages that no other IT service provider can offer.

Presented by:

Vern Kathol, Vice President of Hardware and Managed Print Services and Dave Koopmans, MCSE+, Manager of Solutions Engineering, Secur-Serv

Duration 60 minutes