Do you know your organization’s overall security posture? Are you confident your security policies reflect current demands? If someone changed settings on a device, how quickly would you know?

There are limitless options for creating a cybersecurity model and selecting a managed security services provider (MSSP) or several to help your organization. There are equally limitless ways for malicious actors to breach your systems. What do you do? Should you hire additional staff, entrust your business to an MSSP, or use a hybrid model?

Listen to a recording of our webinar to learn more about your cybersecurity safety and managed security services from our expert engineers:

  • Breach statistics and how to leverage that knowledge
  • Why most companies outsource cybersecurity, partially or entirely
  • How much of an investment is necessary and where do you draw the line
  • Common mistakes and risk exposures you can avoid
  • The most important things to look for in a MSSP

We also illustrated what a successful managed security services engagement should look like and include.

Presented by:

Arturo Romero, Sr. Security Engineer and Brian Edwards, Director of IT, Secur-Serv

Duration 60 minutes