Even though Microsoft 365 has built-in baseline security, businesses should take additional  security measures to harden their environment against threats. Some businesses stop at the bare minimum; using only 10% of the available security features.  In fact, Microsoft 365 Business Premium, E3 and E5 protect against data loss, and enabling safe sharing outside of your organization.

This virtual session was designed to identify the steps commonly ignored but critical to securing your Microsoft 365 environment.

Who should watch this recording?

  • Companies that rapidly deployed Office 365 to support the abrupt shift to support work-from-home
  • Business leaders concerned their data isn’t 100% secure in the cloud
  • Anyone who uses Office 365 products

This 30-minute recorded session will cover:

  • The top four overlooked Microsoft Office security features (you have them, but they may not be activated)
  • How to control company data access and data loss on mobile devices
  • Stopping sensitive data from leaving the organization accidentally
  • How to find your Microsoft Secure Score (and how to improve it)

Join security expert Arturo Romero as he guides you through maximizing your Microsoft 365 security.


Security Expert and Speaker:

Arturo Romero
Arturo Romero, Sr. Security Engineer, Secur-Serv