There is much noise, information, regulation, and change in IT security. It’s hard to tell how vulnerable you really are, especially if you are a small business. The threats and risks are real but even if you’re a smaller organization, there’s no need to be fearful if you’re educated and prepared.

This webinar offers suggestions and methods to help you and your team better review actual risks, cybersecurity trends, and service and support best practices. We will cover the elements of an IT security strategy that anticipates change.


  • Don’t get distracted by the noise—identify the “big rocks” to focus on.
  • Compare your circumstances with typical businesses.
  • See industry data that puts your concerns into context and helps you better prioritize.
  • Create a strategy that adapts on the fly to changing threats, including Zero Day Threats—ones that are unknown today.
  • It’s not a matter of if, but rather when a breach attempt will occur—you need a response plan that includes disaster recovery.

Presented by:

Dave Koopmans, MCSE+, Solutions Engineering Manager, Secur-Serv
Glen Simpson, Strategic Services TAM, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

Duration 60 minutes