Cybersecurity plans are not one-and-done activities. Existing threats evolve, new threats emerge, and it can seem like every day brings news of something else to worry about. Where can you turn for answers? Join Secur-Serv’s security experts as we explore the next steps in your cybersecurity journey, asking and answering your most pressing questions about keeping your financial institution safe, such as:

  • Has your cybersecurity plan been tested? How so and how often?
  • Does your organization know who or what cybersecurity threats they face?
  • Is your policy documentation up to date and does it reflect current operations?
  • What are your organization’s assets and what vulnerabilities are tied to those assets?
  • Are the reports you are requesting from your SIEM provider of value to your institution?

Don’t miss our handy checklist of how the webinar’s topics match up to FFIEC enhanced cybersecurity maturity levels.

Featured Speaker

Arturo Romero, Senior Security Engineer, Secur-Serv