For Collins Fish and Seafood, a distributor in Southern Florida, keeping their deliveries, accounting, and operations running smoothly is a critical part of their brand promise to their customers. Secur-Serv helps them operate efficiently and with confidence.

The Challenge

In the heart of hurricane country, Collins Fish and Seafood depends on accurate, recent, and reliable system backups and network operations. Recently, they experienced a different type of disaster: they were hacked and needed to restore data to continue operations.
Their managed IT service provider at the time was unable to restore their most current backup. They had to work from two-month-old data and manually catch up.

Their primary software provider, the Curtis Martin Group, suggested Secur-Serv as a reliable managed technology partner. After exploring their options, Collins Fish and Seafood switched to Scantron for their cloud solution, managed IT, and backup/recovery provider.

“Secur-Serv has passed all our tests and we’re able to go about our business. That’s exactly the way I like it.”

Kenny Cohen, Vice President and Partner, Collins Fish & Seafood

The Solution

“Our previous provider wasn’t bad,” says Kenny Cohen, Vice President and partner of Collins Fish and Seafood. “They just couldn’t give us the confidence we needed.”

Collins is particularly pleased with the reliability of Secur-Serv’s services. They see more detail in their backups, have more appropriate role-based access, and are able to backup their desktop computers now, in addition to server data.

Mr. Cohen confesses that he is not a technology expert. “I don’t want to spend time managing my technology,” states Cohen. “I’m in the seafood business, not the IT business. I just want my systems to work.”

The breadth of skills available through Secur-Serv provides Collins with extensive flexibility. Because Secur-Serv supports a wide variety of vendors and partners, we can provide service and support for almost any issue.

“I don’t want to manage my technology; I just want it to work. Secur-Serv helps make that happen.”

Kenny Cohen, Vice President and Partner, Collins Fish & Seafood

One area of flexibility that was new to Collins is our ability to diagnose and address many issues from our central Network Operations Center (NOC). Instead of having to wait for a technician to come out to his facility, Mr. Cohen can get more immediate answers and fixes with a phone call.

In one case, Collins Fish & Seafood was experiencing an issue with their phone system. Our NOC was able to unify the efforts of several support experts and resolve the problem without having to transfer between departments or call in outside help.

Further, Secur-Serv directly saves Mr. Cohen time and effort. Previously, if an employee needed help, they would have to contact Mr. Cohen, who would then arrange for a technician site visit. Now, employees can call Secur-Serv directly, enabling Mr. Cohen to stay focused on other areas of the business that are more strategically crucial.

Secur-Serv is pleased and proud to be able to serve this iconic local business.